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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Keep an Open Mind

The above title is an Al-Anon slogan, and I used it tonight at Voice Weavers (which was FANTASTIC--my voice is getting much more fluid and the range is better).  There is a song I used to loathe from African dance because I thought it was weird.  Then my voice teacher incorporated it into Voice Weavers: we sing the first line all together, and then in the second line, all the harmonies kick in, and it is really, really cool.  Now it's one of my favorite songs.  Keep an open mind...

In other news, Catamaran Literary Reader (a great magazine based at the Tannery in Santa Cruz) wants to take an old poem of mine IF I edit some lines to their satisfaction, a love poem for S.-one he really deserved, as he has always cared a lot about me, even after we broke up--he tried almost a dozen times to contact me, but I ignored him and then regretted it...but through the miracle of Facebook, we reconciled as friends only, of course, and his daughters, whom I have always loved, are my friends.  At this point, the poem is a puzzle to be worked.  It is called "Night Cove".  They really gave it a fair reading.

I must away to bed; Thistle has school in the morning.