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Friday, September 12, 2014

Nanowrimo No More

I was asked if I am going to do nanowrimo, the writing marathon in the month of November where people write about 50,000 words in a month.

The answer for me is, sadly, no, at least not this year. At least, not in Santa Cruz.  Let's just say that a mixture of elements last year sadly caused nanowrimo to crash to the ground and burn rather spectacularly.  I was told by the main office of Nanowrimo that the person who ran it in Santa Cruz is not coming back, and the other person who ran it got engaged and moved away (I'm really, really happy for her, by the way--she did a fantastic job and none of that was her fault).   I'm sad about the other person who is not coming back, for him.   I remember how exciting this was at the start, and how it crashed and burned, and really, at the last, there is sadness only.  I hope he keeps participating in nanowrimo, though.  He is a good writer and we are not the sum of our silly errors.

 Nano can really be fun for people if run the right way.  And, at simplest, the experience is not for me with the intensity of the book I am, getting over what happened last year will take time for me.

I would say, if you are in Santa Cruz and want to do nanowrimo, approach it with caution and see if you feel comfortable with the people at the write-ins.  Hopefully this year, it will not crash and burn. It's supposed to be fun.

Anyway...on to a different subject: the more I read about Asha Veil, the more I admire her and wish I had known her better.  She seemed so alive, so resourceful for her young age, far more resourceful than most people in their 20s.  I wish I had been as independent as her.  I could have raised my little son all on my own and been much, much happier.

It is not bad to confront these old wounds I have never really dealt with.