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Thursday, September 25, 2014

The backpack, again

Been reading trial transcripts of The People vs. McClish. Ashas backpack contained a keyring with her car keys on it, so that sort of blows my original theory, that he stopped after killing Asha to extract her keys to move the car, accidentally dropping her credit cards, may not be the scenario. The car was found in its odd location the morning after she disappeared, so it had to have been moved either the same night she was killed or early in the morning. My theory now is that McClish had an extra key to Asha's car somehow-maybe she had a hide-a-key on her car or she had a spare in her backpack and he took that. I have no doubt he moved the car himself, and he went to the dump the next day to presumably get rid of evidence related to the killing, but why not wrap the backpack up in something and dump it with the other stuff, or toss it in the ravine with her, since he likely thought no one would find her? Why toss the backpack not far off a public road? Perhaps to make it look like a robbery, just in case someone did find her? I still feel he dumped her backpack that same night, not far from where the murder took place. CG thinks it blew or bounced out of the truck as he rounded the corner...but who knows? There are pieces to this puzzle that don't fit. I still think the backpack location has something to do with the actual place she died.