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Monday, September 08, 2014

To the Person In Question: Accidental Friend Request, Facebook

I have a new tablet computer which I am still getting used to and sometimes
the touchscreen is a bit wonky.  I had you in a list of "suggested" friends last night on Facebook, and selected what I thought was the person beside you on the list, but must have ended up selecting you.  I deleted the friend request today and am sorry if that request bothered you--I found out because I check my friend requests every few days and am glad I checked this morning.  Facebook seems to get more and more overwhelming with the amount of people it wishes me to be buddies with.

Certainly I am amenable to being friends again, but you have to initiate this and not me, as I think that is respectful of you and your time, and feelings.  Note I don't even message you about this sort of thing, but put it here, because I know you see it and don't have a problem with you reading my blog (in fact, you are almost the only person who does). I doubt you want any direct contact with me right now, so this is a message in a bottle.

thanks, Joanie