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Sunday, September 07, 2014

Too Harsh

I was being too harsh in my last post--I know the person in question is trying his best to change, and so am I.  It is a painful, cosmic process for me, and I have crawled it on my knees for sure, but even crawling is an advancement forward.  I actually love this person very much, and part of that love is trying to reduce my sadness over all this.

Good caveat for me with dealing in such dark material for the nonfiction book.  I've decided to switch between my science fiction book and my nonfiction book.  Both deal with good and evil, but the science fiction book is more fun, in some ways: it involves a stranger who comes to earth accidentally in a post apocalyptic community, and since he is actually human from another place, he has no special powers to offer.  Besides, the Earth community is beginning to do all the things they have to do to survive which would have helped avoid the disasters--so what the stranger teaches them is how to respect their history and they end up creating a play about how the Earth got the way it is, and their hope for a continued existence.  In his world, there is also a play like this, but much more elaborate and a deeply entrenched part of their existence.  Eventually I do have hope to write an opera libretto based on this, if the person in question ever has interest in scoring it.

I think that's a good strategy--there is really a lot of humor in it and a great deal of life-affirming-ness and hope.

So there! :)