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Thursday, September 04, 2014

Update on Back

CG is coming over to take Thistle to school tomorrow as I have physical therapy for my L5 spinal fracture, which my back doctor said was likely caused by my fall from a small cliff into the creek behind my house. The MRI of my back really reassured me...the spinal nerve at L5 is pinched, but not severely so, and even if things went to the point of surgery, it would not affect my spinal flexibility...crucial for bellydance.

I had my first physical therapy session last week and it had good results even now. I do not have the weakness and pain I have had in the past and have a lot of my fluidity in dance back. That is good, because sword dancing is in my future as my first solo--I have a move where I literally jump, toss the sword off my head where it has been balancing, grab it in both hands, and use it to accentuate a barrel turn. I am glad for the agility to do this. Part of the physical therapy involves releasing my right hip from scar tissue and such from the fall, and old dance injuries. It really helps, a lot. My sessions end with wonderful heat therapy on precisely the painful spots. I am living mostly painfree these days, with a level of health I could not have imagined even a few months ago.

I will be researching for Ravine tomorrow and writing also, and emailing people for interviews if they will give them to me.

My singing group starts back soon, and I am going to start believing more in this part of my life. The women in the group and my instructor have told me I have a beautiful, strong singing voice and I will keep working up to the solo work she keeps suggesting, with that mischievous twinkle in her eyes!