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Friday, October 24, 2014


I am in a "holding pattern" regarding something very important regarding Asha Veil's story, though it is contingent on the decision of others, not me.  I asked for a sign from Asha about it, and tonight, as I walked out  onto the dance floor of my Haitian dance class, I saw a beautiful gray feather.  There are NO birds around that area, at all, and it definitely was not a decorative feather.  I always feel like such things are messages from Spirit to keep going and keep trying to do the right thing with this book, to be pure in focus, in that it is to have the world know Asha as best I can portray her, and that the world lost much when we lost Asha and Anina.

I put the feather on my altar, with the goddess charm from many weeks ago.

Nature news:  a great horned owl has taken up residence on my property and hoots away all night. I am stoked and truly hope there will be a mating pair, as I have with the screech owls.