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Monday, October 27, 2014

From the WTF files: extremely scary McClish statement

If you ever want to delve into the shadowed side of human nature, peek into the McClish murder trial.  I pray to God Almighty right now that this man never gets a retrial.  He clearly has chosen evil over good.  Perhaps this is the root of all evil: never being able to look at one's capacity to do harmful things.  We ALL do harmful things in life; it's inevitable, even when we make a commitment to not do so.  I don't believe in Hell for evildoers, but I believe people get appropriately reincarnated.  I don't think there are no second chances, in this life and in the life to come.  There are at least five people in my life who hurt me terribly many years ago; we have now very good friendships and the past is put away.

However, I've rarely heard of a repentant murderer and certainly McClish is not repentant: he has never even admitted his guilt.  Of course not: these folks always paint themselves as the victim, of conspiracies, vengeful exes, law enforcement etc.  There is a degree of respectability when a person says, "I did something horrible/stupid/cruel," etc. and owns it, and is willing to recognize honestly the degree of hurt they have done.  Saying "I'm sorry this happened but it's your own fault for doing x." is not an apology; it's blaming the person you hurt for YOUR actions.  Believe me, sometimes that sort of blame hurts worse than the original action; it's meant to hurt, whether the one who says it is conscious of that or not.

Note from later on:  The reason I was musing on the above is because Mr. McClish got up at his sentencing trial for the murder of an innocent woman and a precious baby and said, "I am the victim here."  He really f-ing said that.  Victim of what, exactly--I'd like to know what his justification is for that one.

Anyways, I found a chilling statement in the court documents regarding the first-degree rape with which McClish was originally charged:

"When (McClish) threatened 'Jane Doe' about keeping her mouth shut, he sometimes mentioned his ex-girlfriend Carol, a recent affair his wife M. had found out about...He would ask 'Jane Doe' if she ever wondered why no one sees Carol anymore."

This part of the documentation goes on with McClish's lovely statement that if M., his wife, ever cheated on him, he would have to kill her.

You know, that's a terrifying statement, actually more than one terrifying statement.

Who is the woman he's talking about?  I am sure he was investigated as a potential suspect in cold cases, but the statement about "Carol" is very strange, very threatening, and is buried in the criminal file also.

I hate to say this, but I wonder what else is going to come out as I write this book...I have already learned what I am 100 percent sure is the absolute truth about one aspect of Asha's case, and it  makes this all the more appalling and tragic.