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Friday, October 10, 2014

From the WTF Files

Nothing really earth-shattering from the WTF files, except that I have a sheaf of jailhouse conversation transcripts between McClish and other people, and seriously, they need to learn how to read the signs all round the phone area which say YOUR CONVERSATIONS ARE RECORDED.
He had a literally two-sentence stream of swear words regarding the detective that came to interview him.  I mean, I have said some pretty awful things in my life, but not like this.  Plus he kept trying to lie about his whereabouts on the night Asha died and tried to keep his wife aligned with the alibi, and every little thing was recorded, and booked into evidence. They already knew his alibi was wrong.

Interesting to look at the defense's files today, too--there was one, and only one, witness for them, and she ultimately was not used.  She was a meth addict who swore she saw a woman named "Natasha" arguing with "Mexican nationals" up on Love Creek Road, and "Natasha" kept going on about how she hated her husband, and participated in a drug deal.  O...kay...the detective simply wrote that this witness was not credible for various reasons.  I wonder if she is even alive now, sadly.

It is a fascinating, if very sad, process to look at how methodical the prosecution was about their work.  Ultimately, McClish didn't walk--according to jailhouse conversations with his wife, they were planning to basically disappear if he got out--and I am very glad he is in jail for life.