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Thursday, October 16, 2014

Invention Convention

The first big to-do at Thistle's school is the "Invention Convention"--sort of a science fair in which students create models of different inventions. Thistle's class has been studying about the Pacific Gyre and all the kids submitted ideas to help clean it up.  Thistle's's idea--create a boat with big sponges to soak up nasty chemicals and a net to catch all the plastic--got voted on by the class as the one they wanted to make a model of.  They called it the Octoboat. They all helped build a model, which won the "Sparkling Seas" award today. Very proud of her and all the kindergarten friends and teachers who made it happen.

Here it is after all the people at tonight's gathering got through soaking up the "yucky stuff," represented by a lot of glitter in the water table. A lot of the plastic sea creatures unfortunately went belly-up by the end of the evening, and the net is in the resting position.

Good job, Miss Thistle. You're a smart cookie.