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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nanowrimo, again.

I was going to host a Saturday write-in for nanowrimo locally, but backed out. My weekends have a possibility of getting busy soon..more on that later...but I also had a sudden intuition that first, my write-in would likely never have been put on the calendar and erased if I put it there myself due to control issues (nothing like engaging in a "calendar war"), and second, I would be a sitting duck if I were trying to run a group and be put into an awkward situation if there was upsetting behavior.

I know at least five people who will not be doing nanowrimo in Santa Cruz because of what happened last year, as P.  had a lot to say about it before getting out of the mess here and other friends got very pissed.  Nanowrimo should be a safe place for everyone, but it is not safe for me to attend or host write-ins, the meet and greet, kickoff party, after-party, or anything else. It is a shame, but there's a point where I have to be realistic until my experience proves otherwise....and so far, so bad.  It sucks, but I have to get my book done and not have these sorts of concerns.  I wish there was some way to reconcile all these things, in kind ways.

Believe me, I would really, REALLY love to have something different happen.  I would love to be able to participate and get support and some fun with other writers in November.

Anyways, I got the rest of the transcripts of phone calls between Melissa and Michael McClish.  One of them was McClish and Melissa going through folders of his love letters and poems to women, and picking out one he penned to an underage girl, which she agreed to have go "missing" in case the folder got put into evidence.  I am increasingly glad this man got put behind bars (there were actual cases of at least two underage women needing extensive counseling due to workplace sexual harrassment by him), and I have to hope that his wife got help with these issues of trying to protect someone who should never have been protected at all.

Oh, and McClish made sure to ask his wife to store his massive porn collection away from light and heat in their storage unit.  Not to act the prude, but GOD--he had just killed a woman and child, and was in jail for first-degree rape!