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Saturday, October 18, 2014


Note to someone: a person who posts endless selfies (I mean, like several times a day) is probably an incredible narcissist.  No matter how nice they seem at first, it's one hell of a red flag.  Have fun, and don't say I didn't warn you.  There is a large difference between good self-esteem and looking in your mirror all day, and expecting people to worship you.

ANYWAYS--I really have been thinking of narcissism today, sparked by this, and whether Asha's killer was one.  I would assume most sociopaths/psychopaths are, and anyone who had multiple affairs like he did is very likely this.  Surely he was the center of his life: why get rid of someone who supposedly threatened what he had?

Delving into court records, I see so much that never, ever got to the trial, probably because it would have been classified as hearsay.  It's fascinating to see how the prosecution aligned all the admissable evidence with case law--they wanted to make an airtight case against McClish.  What didn't get in are the calls Asha told someone about, beginning shortly before her death, with someone calling from a blocked number and staying on the line without talking.  I've had those before when I was younger, but in this case, it was frankly sinister.  I'm patchworking her life from these things.

I was gratified to know, according to my writing group, that I did not give away the entire plot in the first two pages.  I have time for myself this weekend to write (been working on mending Thistle's clothes).  Hard to proceed, but I have a thread to follow and think I can do it.

One note:  unfortunately, after almost six months of excellent control, I inexplicably entered into a huge flare of lupus and am currently on a week of prednisone.  I can't just ride out flare ups anymore because of my kidneys (they were originally at about 40 percent function, but now my doctor estimates that because of chemotherapy, they are better but still damaged).  The prednisone seems to be helping a lot, and because I take it in divided doses instead of one big wallop, and a small dose, I am not particularly worried about it eliciting a bipolar episode.

Off to my favorite cafe in the world, The White Raven, hopefully for some productive work....