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Friday, October 17, 2014

Nice Night

Had a long afternoon with Thistle--she has Lego Robotics after school and also likes to play with the afterschool kids.  Had to extricate her with the promise of a pumpkin cookie and milk at the French bakery.

I then went to my writing group of women I have known for years and brought the intro to Ravine, which they thought was really good.  It's often scary to bring something like this, but it's really gratifying to have more than one person think it's workable.

CG and I are having conflicts as usual about playdates for Thistle in the house.  He has always been unduly paranoid about "being robbed" and "identity theft" and I have never been able to have family or friends here except for the kids and my son's girlfriend (this is the time when it really makes me know that it is his house, not mine, and never will be).  CG, by the way, has never been robbed, nor has this house ever been robbed, either.  I've decided to have social activities in my Lompico house as soon as I can, dinners and playdates and such and maybe even a writing group, because I have become very tired of trying to accept for the last 12 years under the rule of "no visitors" in the hopes that one day he will change his mind.  I can only change my life to shape it as I want.  Thistle needs to have friends over, is the bottom line, and I need to be happy.  It is also imperative that I show her what a normal life is.  I can't wait around for my housemate/owner of this house to change, much as I care about him.  I can parent with him, yet have my own life, too.

Well, anyways, it was nice to see friends tonight, and share writing and my one glass of red wine which I allow myself every month that I go to the group (it's usually Haitian dance 3X a month and one writing group).