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Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Nothing earth-shattering today...just a day of intermittent rain, which was a blessing.

I need to be doing more writing on my book, which I will attend to, tonight.

I've got myself registered and ready for nanowrimo this year, November's National Novel Writing month, and my information put up on the site.  and plan to host a weekend write-in at the Abbey in Santa Cruz, time and day TBD.  I will not be trying to write the full count of 50,000 words for a book of this intensity. I already have had meltdowns nearly every year due to my own competitiveness, and besides, I've already started Asha's book.

Still, it is a good opportunity to build some chapters and also help Nanowrimo in Santa Cruz to rebound from the disaster it became last year.  I am glad the other, former Municipal Liasion is now engaged to her boyfriend, happy, living away from Santa Cruz, and seems to have recovered from the scenario which--unbeknownst to both her and me--had gone on for the entire previous year.  I am extremely grateful she "escaped" the scene here--I know it was very uncomfortable for both her and her boyfriend, who was quite upset about it.

Weirdly, I thought I would never again look forward to Nanowrimo in Santa Cruz, but I am very glad it is happening.  There is always the possibility of a fresh start, no matter who you are--even the party to last year's weirdness.  It is always possible to find redemption, to make a new start, and to make positive changes, no matter what has happened.  No one is the sum of their errors and mistakes, and it is amazing how much can really be put right again.