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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tell Truth

I went to my singing group tonight and someone I used to attend at the Thursday night African dance class was there. She said several people wished I had been at the final class and greatly missed me. I have never told anyone from that class except for the instructor why I never returned. I am truly glad that class is done so that the person who kept me away can no longer hoard it. It was quite the note of divine justice that the universe swooped down and finished it forever.  I fully believe if the person in question had been generous and negotiated with me so that we both could go to the class at separate times, that class would have continued for years more.  Instead, the class lasted just a little over nine months after he told me I could not go there.

I believe far more in spiritual/divine justice than I do any other spiritual force (the kind where it is clearly some force beyond what any people could do), as I think it has stopped more evil things in this world than anything else.  I think McClish is behind bars partially because of spiritual pushes from the other side, including finding Asha's body in that remote area (it was a miracle she was found so quickly, before he uprooted his family and left town or something).