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Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The Voice and Emotion

I have been singing now with the Voice Weavers for about a year now.  My voice has grown and changed so much that I cannot believe it is the same little held-back squeak it was a year ago.  I am collaborating with my youngest son on a CD of children's songs and lullabys I unknowingly "composed" for Thistle when she first came to me.  This is probably the hugest leap of my life in the last ten years or so.

One of my dance troupes is doing a dance and song at Michael's on Main in Soquel, and I am the only one who has a trained voice (my troupe brother is a trained musician and says I have a gorgeous singing voice.  I am sorry M. has never really heard it, but perhaps one day).

I was feeling tired and sad tonight at rehearsal and just want to comment that trying to get to a positive space when singing seems very important.  My voice seems to want to hide when I am not in a very positive mood, though singing does lift me up and my voice will get stronger as I feel better.

No earth-shaking news here, just an observation that mood and singing seem interconnected in some ways.