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Saturday, November 22, 2014

A Night of Song

I went to the song circle headed by Debbie, the teacher for the now-gone Thursday night African dance class--there were many of the Voice Weavers there, as well as my singing teacher Ronda, and so many people from the African dance class I had felt so afraid to attend because I feared someone.  I realize now that only my fear kept me from this place, that his reaction might have been entirely different.  Think about it: I saw him in an unlit, somewhat isolated place the other night when we crossed paths, and I was absolutely not afraid, felt safe, and felt only kindness towards him.  I kept myself away from the class because I was too timid to ask him again after some time had passed if we could negotiate a schedule of some kind--and in fact, he had offered it in the first place, but I was too angry to do that.

Anyways, it was a truly magical night, with many of the old songs from class and a couple of Voice Weavers songs.  And I got my wish, the one I had been praying for all year:  I danced with all my friends from the class!  Nobody was in their seats after the first song; we all danced and sang...and then my friend Laurie from Voice Weavers, who is a talented doumbek drummer, came over and drummed for me as I did a bellydance solo!!  Debbie the teacher came up and gave me a huge hug after, and many other people; not one person said, "Hey, I hear you are a mental case."  That was really, really special for me, to know I am still loved and respected, and could have a wonderful, wonderful time.