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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Did I Really See Him?

Now I am wondering--okay, it's late and I am cooking a giant pan of sweet potatoes for the school "feast" tomorrow, so I am tired, for I must list all ingredients of said sweet potatoes (honey, butter, salt, marshmallow topping 'cause it's kids) and also make it look appetizing.

Anyways, Thursday night was such a strange night altogether, with rain all day, then the silver fox crossing the road on my way to dance class (I had also seen one two days before at Mount Madonna as I helped my daughter move out of the community there).  There was also the big, pale owl drifting across the road shortly thereafter, and a flash of amethyst light that arced over the road.  I have seen such light from time to time since I have lived in Santa Cruz, most notably once, before a poetry reading, when my friend Maude Meehan walked by and a pillar of amethyst light shot up from the sidewalk; it was as tall as a very tall building.  Her husband had died the year before and I wonder if it was his spirit.  The light has happened more since I have worked with my current dance teacher, Inna.  She is Real in the best ways, with a gentle and lovely spirituality, and somehow she brings this out in her students.  Anyways, a silver fox, an owl, a flash of amethyst, and when I got home, Asha's sign of a feather:  I got a silver Native American feather charm in the mail, which I'd forgotten I'd ordered several weeks ago.

Now I wonder if I really saw M. or if I just had some sort of vision or apparition show up--not kidding; he didn't seem real...except there was his car, quite real, in the parking lot, a couple of spaces away from mine.  Anyways, it has freaked me out, a little, just because the lighting behind him lit up his hair and beard to silver and matched the mist around him, and the dim light made everything gray except for his big blue eyes, which really were like owl eyes in the dark.  How strange life is, sometimes, and how odd it was that I had no fear, no anger, only happiness at seeing him again.

Since I made the decision to write about Asha, my life has begun to overflow even more with spiritual experiences.  As sad as I am to leave my job forever, I know it is time, and something has begun to change in the world as I return to the rightful "job" I have had for so long: being a writer.  It is good to save my energy to open my heart again to all that goes with being a writer: for me, it is a spiritual journey as well as a creative one.

Anyways, the sweet potatoes are done and I must go to sleep.