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Saturday, November 08, 2014

Good Recovery

My dental surgery has gone well.  The anti inflammatory prescribed to me is working well.  I thought about the friend from my last post, denied pain meds when he was a teenager by his parents.  I felt sad he was left to be in pain by the very ones who ought to have kept this away and encouraged his mouth to heal.  Improper healing can lead to all sort of complications, too, which is why I have been very careful with my own aftercare.

Thistle has an afterschool class called Lego Robotics which is an engineering class for  kindergartners (they make Lego cars and such, and attach a battery source to move them along).  Thistle created a vehicle that hops, but her great creation this week she figured out all by herself, an operational robotic vehicle out of Legos.  The teacher said she took apart what did not work and created a better design.  She figured out how to attach pulleys to make the wheels turn, and then attached the power source to make a simple car that moved backwards, forwards, and turned right and left.  The teacher took me aside and said "Your child is a genius.  I'm not kidding. I have never seen a kid her age with skills like this."   She recommeded I get her Lego Mindstorms, where you create robots and such.  People have been asking me for something to give her for adoption day: perhaps I can set up a bank fund so people can contribute to helping me buy the starter kit, which is very expensive.  I am very proud of her.  Here is a picture of the car (note her decorative touches, a dome and a Lego person):