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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Very Sad Fact

Some of this posting deals with domestic violence, up to murder, of pregnant women.  Please do not read further if such things bother you--this is part of my research and process of writing this book.

I searched online today for statistics of homicide of pregnant women when the husband or boyfriend does not pay child support.  The search returned a mind-boggling amount of stories, of all these men--sorry to say, it's all men--who annihilate women carrying their child (or, in Asha's case, the child they think MIGHT be theirs) in extremely prolonged ways, amounting to torture.  Men also kill children already born so as to keep "the almighty dollar" in their pockets.  Do these people not think ahead to what awaits them when they are caught and sent to prison for life, or in Scott Peterson's case, await execution?  Some of the men boasted that they had committed a "perfect crime."  In all of the news stories I read, not one man had a shred of remorse, even in prison.

One reason I never told the father of Angel Devi Rose, the baby I miscarried in December 2009, is not because I feared physical violence--I have never been afraid of that from him--but I did fear emotional turmoil. In retrospect, the first time I had a pregnancy scare, it was emotional struggle, but there was a great deal of support and responsibility taken as well.  I just had a fear the second time, when the pregnancy was definitely not a scare.  Whether it was merely a feae and not based in reality, at least I knew enough to protect myself and the baby.  I don't know would have happened if the pregnancy had "taken"--but I know I would have taken care of the baby, even if I had to do it myself.

Here is an article from Wikipedia concerning the prevalance of murder when  a woman is pregnant.  Note that it states how women are more likely to be murdered when they are pregnant.  This is a shameful statement on our violent society, and particularly towards women.  Women who are pregnant deserved to be cared for and cherished, not harmed in any way.