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Tuesday, November 11, 2014


I am doing some deep research tonight on McClish's wife and found some recent photos.  No wonder the Press-Banner editor was enthralled with her and gave her so much "air time"--never once writing about Asha or her life, which seems now quite fascinating even for such a young person.  Nope--we got McClish's wife in designer heels, stating that "all in all, this has been a good thing"--meaning her husband being locked up in the pokey for rape and murder.   I don't look forward to cranking through acres of microfiche back issues of the Press-Banner; I seriously think it likely exists in this form, and will know tomorrow when I contact the library.  The website used to have everything, but many of the back issues are gone now.

I am beginning to wonder if Asha was neglected in the local paper (aside from the fact that the market where she worked was the paper's biggest advertiser, as has been pointed out) because she was an immigrant.  We were getting into a lot of immigration issues in Santa Cruz at the time (not like they have left).  I've been reading a lot of cruel, untrue statements on the old topix and message boards about her "marriage for a green card" when nothing seems further from the truth.  I can tell just reading about her and hearing from other people that she genuinely loved her husband.  I would have liked to have seen the press do a piece on Asha that talked about her music, her education, all the things she was beyond the job she held.   I find myself wondering what her singing voice sounded like, or if she composed music. It is sad that I have come to know her through the court documents.  I hope I find out more about her music.

Tomorrow I am ordering the McClish rape trial documents, which I am not looking forward to reading. Really, why was this guy allowed to continue his shenanigans at the market for so long?  Reading accounts of his behavior, I wonder how he got his regular work done.

Anyways, I am getting up these days at 6:30 am, so I must away to bed.