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Sunday, November 09, 2014

Yellow Lego House

Thistle and I are making this tomorrow, as she has a day off.  It is the only Lego set I have around here.  I am ordering a more simple Lego set for her, but she has already done some of the floor plan.  Someone around here got this used.  Note the YouTube video preceding this, which shows what we are up against tomorrow.  Thistle has done about fifty percent of the floor plan.

I wanted to say that National Novel Writing Month is going well for me, though I have not yet gone to a write in.  I will probably advertise an informal one at the White Raven in a week or two.  Everyone seems pleasant, no one is being inappropriate, people are kind and respectful, as far as I can tell, and the pace does not seem as frentic or fraught as last year.  I am well, have both bipolar and lupus in good control, am relatively happy though I miss M. as much as I did a year ago...and I have 25 pages of my Asha book.

One thing that is very strange: the day before Asha died, another domestic violence killing happened in the Bay area (the Nina Reiser case:, and M's mother died on the very same day as Asha (though his mom was in her seventies and had lived a very fruitful life)--the very same day or nearly so for all these people.  One has to wonder if there was some dreadful negative energy in the Bay area at the time--it can certainly seem that way.

Thistle is calling for me--Grandma-Mommy has to go.