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Friday, December 12, 2014


First off: bronchitis has settled very deeply into my lungs. Neither of my doctors can see me today, so it is time for Urgent Care.  I am never supposed to get infections while on chemo. I have had pneumonia before without knowing it.

I have also sadly decided that I am going to stop trying to re-join my old writing group that meets at Orchard Valley Coffee in Campbell.  The self-appointed "gatekeeper" is so problematic at this point that I am tired of trying.  I am sorry he hoards every activity we ever shared. There was no reason for me to have to struggle to find a dance community, another writing group, happened only because he decided to try and hurt me as deeply as he could.  I think the person he really wants to hurt is not me, which I think is too often the case.  We hurt in others what we hate in ourselves.

I do have my old writing group I have been in for years, so that is a blessing.  I am glad they still wanted me back.