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Saturday, December 13, 2014


I am very sad that almost no pictures exist on the Internet of my friend Anne and the other victims of San Diego serial killer David Alan Lucas.  You can, however, see a brief picture of her, and another two victims (horribly, a mother and child, Suzanne and Colin Jacobs) in the following video.  Anne is the woman with the long hair.  Lucas had other victims (one woman, Jodie Robertson, survived the attack and testified against Lucas in his trial).  Lucas had his death penalty affirmed in August; his execution date has not been set and it is likely he will die in prison of natural causes.  No matter how I feel about the death penalty (I have never, because of Anne, Asha, and others, been able to say no), if he ever does get executed, you can bet I will be outside San Quentin that night with people who loved Anne and all the other women and children he killed and hurt.

Here is the link to the video from ABC 10 News in San Diego:

By the way, look at how handsome he was back then.  Who would have believed he is a serial killer?  He looks like a surfer; he had a business (carpet cleaning) and a girlfriend.