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Tuesday, December 02, 2014


I appreciate my readers and their patience with my difficult grief process. I also want to say that I appreciate m.'s family for being kind to me...they did not have to be and yet are so.

Being put up to standards of perfection no human being could fulfill...that was the worst. Easier to idolize someone else, unknown and enter a pretend world that did not include me.

What is it with you guys? You drop women who aren't perfect against your insane standards or ruin everything for a fantasy, and then when the fantasy does not work out and when you've run everyone else off, you bitch that you can never find a relationship that works. There are no relationships that work, only people willing to work on them. That is the fundamental thing. and thanks to my readers and m.'s family for their kindness and patience this year. I apreciate it, boundlessly.