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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

creepy dream....

I often dream of people close to me who have died, and usually they look younger and happier.  When my mother died, I dreamed of her in my childhood home, ironing, looking out to our backyard, a time when she seemed so happy.

However, the dream I had about my mother in law frightened me...I dreamed last night that she was dumped into my house to take care of, along with Thistle  I felt frantic, trying to care for a young child and a helpless elderly woman. I dreamed I was able to help Mary sleep peacefully, but then she woke in terrible pain, disheveled and afraid. For some weird dream reason, she ended up under my dining table, where she had four seizures, then folded herself up into a fetal position.

All week I have been feeling shadowed and sad...I wonder if she is okay in the afterlife.