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Thursday, December 18, 2014

From The WTF Files

Just got another stack of files from the County's criminal division.  They are getting to know me there, though for being a writer.  I'm grateful I never have to be there for anything else.

I'm changing identifying information regarding some of the women who came forward to describe abuse from McClish (of every variety--he seems to have gotten increasingly power-mad as he continued to be allowed to perpetrate crimes.  Where in the name of God was law enforcement as this guy walked the streets?)  I'll be changing initials as well of these women to further protect their privacy and identity.

Here is a little gem from those files, regarding L., a woman McClish was seeing when he was married to Melissa (there's no mystery as to who his wife was at the time, as it's in every court record and was published in newspapers, etc).  She told a friend that McClish wanted to take a second wife, L., and have her live in the household with Melissa and the kids, and him....without divorcing Melissa.

Well!  Now THAT'S one way to control your urge to be with hordes of women...commit bigamy! Or maybe join the Mormon separatist movement and make your unfortunate wives wear prairie dresses and mile-high hair.

You've got to wonder which cogs were just not meshing in that guy's mind....maybe all of them.

Oh, and detectives started recording Mike's phone calls at the market after Asha disappeared (I think they might have had the person he was talking to initiate the recorded messages).  He had nothing to say about Asha when she was found, except to tell G, a woman he had been seeing (and who later brought rape charges against him) that he "had her back" (ie would stand up for G. and presumably cover for her somehow) and that if she didn't cover up for him regarding Asha, G "might as well bury him."

Sensitive guy.  And the rest of the 300 pages detail so much horror about him, so many death threats to himself and other people, that I still wonder if he killed someone else...the only missing person I can remotely connect him with is Juanita Nelson.  I think there is something in my documentation which places McClish on a job in Boulder Creek at the time she disappeared (she was a Boulder Creek resident).  I will post that information if I find it.

The only other missing person I could remotely place in an area with McClish is Cindy Sue Fawcett, missing from Scotts Valley in 1990.  I can place McClish in Scotts Valley at the time because he had a relationship with a woman on Lockwood Lane and and was hitting and sexually assaulting women then.  He worked at the Scotts Valley Safeway also from about 1985 onwards, though I am not sure when he was terminated there.  The records do not say when this happened.  By 1991, he was working at the Ben Lomond Super.  Hopefully some digging will turn up when he was terminated from Safeway.

Here is the information on the Cindy Sue Fawcett disappearance (like Juanita Nelson, no one ever found her body):