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Friday, December 26, 2014

Godalmighty, Lady

I wish someone would speak to a person I know, a little, who is in the crosshairs of someone who is going to use her up and discard her like trash once she is off the pedestal, if he can worm his way into her life.  It is not going to be me because I do not know her all that well. We all have our lessons to learn, but honestly, one wishes people would talk to others in the community and really check people out.

I think women especially should hire a detective, frankly, if they are getting serious about someone, and not just do the public records lookup; McClish has a perfectly clean record on those and he is in jail for murder! Predators can shape themselves accordingly to a target and take advantage of people's kindness...they know when someone is naive, not looking over their shoulder, too trusting, etc. It has to be the creepiest way to live...what is missing in a predator morally that they don't even know their own behavior creeps people out?

I hate to say, "Oh, well," but all I can do sometimes is speak of my own experiences in my book, veiled (so to speak) as they will be. Nobody believes the ex-partner, estranged relative, ex-friend, etc....not until something awful happens.  I think predators actually enjoy ravaging people's is a power rush and a means of control.

On a fully other note: just saw a post by Asha's husband from some time ago about extending the wrongful death statues beyond two years. It seems he is trying to do this all on his own, and I want to help. I cannot do everything on earth with this book, but I want to shed light on many subjects and injustices, and help with what I can.