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Tuesday, December 02, 2014

Goodbye to my mother in law

My former (well, legally, she's always) mother-in-law Mary Barnett passed away last night, peacefully in her sleep. Hospice care at home kept her comfortable and enabled her to have a gentle passage with loved ones around her (I was not there, but had seen her a few hours before).  She was a brilliant woman, a well-respected investigative journalist who worked for the Valley Press for  many years, and adored her grandchildren and her beloved little great granddaughter.  I will miss her more than I can say.  Though it's true you are never really divorced if you have children with someone, her passage puts more finality on the marriage I had so many hopes and dreams for.  I am glad I was able to talk to my ex husband for a bit and reminisce on very special memories regarding his mother and our four beautiful children.  From time to time, we are able to do this. The loss of my marriage is a scar so deep I almost never get near it emotionally, and so I am glad for some peace surrounding it this week.

I hope  Mary is reunited with her mother and father and her brother Zac, whom she loved so dearly, and her beloved husband Barney.  I am glad she had 93 wonderful years on this earth.

I will miss watching Downton Abbey with her and talking to her about being grandmothers.  She adored her eight grandchildren and her great-granddaughter.  I am so very glad that, with the birth of my first child, she became a grandmother.