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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

It Must End

The murders of innocent children in Pakistan disgusts and horrifies me, along with the rest of the world (except for the perpetrators, who insanely feel justified).  Many of the children were buried in their school uniforms.

I wonder if human civilization will ever learn anything at all .  We can feel outrage, pain, sadness, but what I also feel today is my own helplessness in ever changing anything.  I cannot ever lose hope, but I have to admit to helplessness.

The plight will never end (one of my favorite statements, though coined by Hannibal Lecter via Thomas Harris).

Women, the elderly, and children are victims of war....and mainly children:

I myself need to remember that, when my vision is hampered by my own concerns about the past, personal harms done to me, etc, that I need to pull my head out and look at the larger world.

Cry out against this horror, and all others.