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Tuesday, December 09, 2014

No More

I am glad women are beginning to speak out more forcefully against violence towards them.  I have included an excellent article from CNN today.

Someone in the local writing community emailed me information recently about one person in my life who obviously blames me for being sexual assaulted and for my subsequent, serious PTSD reaction.  I do not think he understands, nor cares about, the role of a partner in mitigating trauma after an attack. And I am saddened, but not shocked, that he displays for a large online community's derision my years-ago hospitalization of four days in an excellent therapeutic ward because of PTSD after the assault.

I am equally as sorry that he offers up his cruelty and derision about my hospitalization as a way of making himself look compelling and attractive somehow. Any woman who would be so desperate or so insensitive to respond to that sort of thing, I figure would be someone he amply deserves. We all have struggles and some people have infinitely worse things to struggle with, and far more potential for destructive consequences, than I do. I am glad most people I know would rather be compassionate and strive for enlightenment than choose such a degree of callous ignorance.

Anyways, this is a good article.