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Sunday, December 07, 2014


Thistle's school participated in our city's annual holiday parade, which was quite fun.  The school had built a float (crepe paper, chicken wire, etc) on a flatbed trailer, and made it look like a red steam engine.  The "steam" was provided by bubble machines, and there were benches for as many kids to sit on as could be loaded into the trailer.  The rest of the kids walked in front of the float (which was towed by two dads in a red truck), and there was a drill team led by the dance teacher; we stopped at intervals so they could dance to the "Locomotion" song. All the kids, and some parents, wore neon-spring-green sweatshirts.  It was really fun--all the parents walked behind the float and waved to people (we joked that we were the Secret Service).  There were quite interesting folks in the parade, including a man with a giant blue wig driving a pedicab containing a man in a giant rainbow wig, who played an electric sitar.  Only in Santa Cruz...and it's one of the reasons I love this town.