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Monday, December 15, 2014


I thought I would describe how cute my granddaughter is tonight, instead of talking about shadowy stuff.

1) She lost her first tooth a few days ago.  She did not want me to make and embroider an elaborate tooth-fairy pillow with a cute little pocket for the tooth.  Instead, she wanted me to put the tooth in a baggie and put her name on the baggie with Magic Marker so the Tooth Fairy would know whose it was.  She is a very practical soul.

2) She got a dollar from the Tooth Fairy (the rule is that the Tooth Fairy says you can't spend your money from her on candy).  Thistle then proceeded to wave her dollar in my face like it was a gold certificate and talked about all the things she could buy with it, including "hot snack" at school (they have "hot snack" and "hot lunch" every Friday at her school, and she likes understanding how money can get you those wonderful things.  She calls it "having money in your hand").

3) She wrote me a letter all on her own today that said, "Grandma i love you so so so so so so so much."

4) She wrote a song about the local drugstore, CVS, which is called "CV CVS."  She has been copying the one lyric (which is the title also) onto multiple letters for family and friends, drawing multicolored musical notes on the letters also, and putting the letters in envelopes to send them.  She is a very good marketer of her songs, it seems.

5) She is learning to eat spaghetti by twirling it on her fork.  Tonight was the first night we had anything like a proper dinner...the past week was the organic equivalent of Spaghetti-os and macaroni and cheese from a box, as we were both too sick to eat much or cook well before tonight.  Thistle told me tonight (exact words) that "It is fun to slurp spaghetti but not polite.  It is important to eat properly."

6) For some reason, she wants to have a "spy name" and me, too.  Her spy name is "Ghost Pumpkin."  Mine is "Window Glasses."