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Sunday, January 25, 2015

More Walking

Had a wonderful day with the women from my old Thursday night African dance class; we had a day of walking in the redwoods  and then dancing and drumming in Felton, at the local yoga studio which rents out for such things.  Then I participated in a concert/get together for my singing group, the Voice Weavers.  It was quite fun~

We did temporarily lose a couple of people in the Henry Cowell Redwoods park where we walked
(we found them again, on the wrong trail), and a four-mile hike was miscalculated as a one mile hike.  I think I have hiked ten miles in two days.

I am hoping m's critical words will be erased from my memory at some point...I brush them off, but they detract from my day a little and I do not like that. As I hiked today, one of his statements popped into my head, of the first time we hiked and my concern that I was not in hiking shoes and felt really vulnerable.  He retorted that HE used to hike BAREFOOT for miles. 

Astronomy news:  I've been observing Comet Lovejoy and detected a definite nucleus, and also saw the Andromeda galaxy.  There have been excellent skies over the last couple of nights