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Saturday, January 03, 2015

Sleep Cycle Sux

Jeez, my sleep cycle is awful and I have to be getting Thistle to school on Monday, when my wake-up time is at 6 30 am.  I am worried...I often drop her off and nap in my car for an hour. I am likely going to have a painful week ahead....been getting up with Thistle around seven but tired during the day. I cannot ask CG to help...he works full time and I already demanded so much of his energy this vacation when Thistle and I had the flu.

Still, I have so much time to write now that she is in school, and I remember that some aspects of parenting are a day at a time.

Bill Moyers is retiring, by the way: what a great interviewer! I wish I could be a quarter of what he has been in divining people's hearts and minds.

Grief about m. resurfaced today...why? Yes, it will take time. I still walk forwards, no matter how much it hurts. I am sad to think if he still considers me some crazy person. And yes, some days and nights, it hurts. No stranger to hurt, me: and yet my creative life is still on fire.

I personally know I am strong and quite well in all aspects, but when you hear cruelties from this by a person you were closest to in the world...well, anyone would be hurt by that.