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Saturday, February 14, 2015

Can Believe, Not Can't

I wonder why it is that a man who has nothing but bad things to say about his late mother (I could never understand that one, as she seemed more than adequate and obviously loved him), calls his exes "slutty women," and tells me I was responsible for a sexual assault, goes on and on about the rights of women and how he respects and understands us so much.  I should not mull over these memories, but maybe my words will help someone...God knows I have a cautionary tale.  I don't hate this person: it just makes me sad to have known this, and I do hope one day it changes.  We all have the power to change things.

I have come to see the phrase "I really understand women" as the ultimate pick-up line and one that should never be believed until proven.  Yes, I am sure men are vulnerable to these things too, and my only thought on this is that words are cheap, as they say, and had I really been watching over time, I might not have believed this.  I feel pretty stupid to have not had my eyes open. We all have to confront the deeper things behind what we say.

The house is quiet and I have a little time to write, so it is time to put these thoughts away.