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Monday, February 23, 2015


I have two dance performances coming up, and today had rehearsals for both, a total of four hours.  I think we are well-prepared in both my troupes.  I was thinking today how much I love the dance community in Santa Cruz, and how much dance has kept me sustained all these years, but especially over the last year or so.  I remember that even in the middle of my worst chemo, with a lot of hair loss, I still got up and did a couple of performances.  It took everything I had and yet I am so glad about having pushed myself.

This week is costume refurbishment week.  I wear a coin belt with my costume for Dancers of the Crescent Moon and realize that one of the decorative chains on it has been off-kilter for years.  It's hard to see the mistake, but I know it's there now.

I've also been working assiduously on yoga every day for my back, especially, and also for flexibility, and really feel a difference after even just a week of daily practice.  Small gestures towards better health often really add up.