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Sunday, February 22, 2015


Sorry to have been away a few days.  I have had a disquieting experience.  Ever since I conceived of writing about Asha Veil, all kinds of strange experiences, totally out of the realm of my everyday life, have happened.

A few days ago (I have the exact date written down, but it is in another room), I was sitting in traffic on Highway One in Santa Cruz, where Highway One meets with River Street. It was a completely overcast day, around four o'clock. Suddenly I saw a very bright white light, really like a star, with a very strong, clear, blue-white light, hovering rather low in the sky over the freeway.  I said out loud, "What IS that?" because it was quite surprising.  It was in the wrong place for the planet Venus (which never gets that large or bright);  I don't think it could have been a helicopter, and no plane would really show through that cloud cover.  The light suddenly started to move backwards and faded into the cloud cover, though it remained a long time enough that you could see it was a circular object of some kind, and then it was abruptly gone.  It was not the sun: this was in a northeast direction.

Ever since then, despite CG's many scientific explanations (he was not there and I told him even he would have been freaked out had he seen it). I have been disquieted by the experience.  If there are really alien civilizations out there, what would they want with us?  I hope it is just that they want to observe us...and hopefully help us if things start to really deteriorate on this planet. 

Still, seeing this object, whatever it was, gave me a strange sense of peace.  I saw a UFO in 2013, far up in the sky, a round metallic object that clearly reflected the sun and moved in a tall arc until it suddenly disappeared.  Perhaps what I saw on Highway One can be explained away, but I would like to think otherwise.

As an amateur astronomer who is constantly learning more and more about our cosmos, I truly believe there are other civilizations out there.  Whether they are intelligent and advanced enough to come here, remains to be seen.