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Saturday, March 07, 2015


The more I interview people who were not close to the McClish crime, but simply in the community< I learn more and more things that support some of my hypotheses.

One dilemma I had was how Asha's car got moved that night, as it was parked near or directly in the parking lot of the supermarket where she worked, and where she was last seen. Ben Lomond is a small town with one short main street, so her car would have been noticed anywhere.  She was last seen on a Saturday, and her car was found Sunday morning on Estates Drive, a short distance from the market.  I had theorized before about how McClish dumped the car (his DNA was on the steering wheel and his was the lone motive).  There was little time to do all he did, then dump the car and walk back to where his car was.

I theorized that he sneaked out of his house on the night of the murder after everyone went to sleep, went to where Asha's car was parked, and moved it, then made his way back to his truck (he could have parked anywhere, even midway between the market and the place where he dumped her car).

Speaking to a friend a few days ago, she said that one of her friends who worked at a local tavern close to the market, spotted McClish near last call (midnight) on the night of the murder, tossing down shot after shot of hard liquor and talking as crazily as could be.  She said that the things he was talking about made him connect McClish immediately with the murder.  So this supports my hypothesis.  He would have ample time beforehand to take care of the car, even if he left the house by eleven o'clock at night.

I don't know why this detail plucked at me for so long.  There is probably a reason for it which I will find later down the road.