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Thursday, March 19, 2015


First off:  I want to say that I am extremely grateful to have had my father continously in my life, even when he was not sober.  The gift of his sobriety, his generosity with my family of time and financial help, and above all, his love, have been one of the stabilizing forces of my life.  He went into recovery when I had my first child because he did not wish for his grandson to know him as an active alcoholic.  He has always had immense courage.

My father is now in his late eighties and is growing more frail and somewhat confused, and his wife is placing him in assisted living.  She is no spring chicken herself and the care is very taxing for her.  I know this was a hard decision for that side of the family.  I think it is a good decision, though it may signal my dad going down that last road.  He has had a very hard life at times, and I pray that the world beyond this one is a place of peace for him. I also hope he has a few happy years left.  I cannot imagine my life and this world without him in it, and I know that time is coming.

So, I hope that people who read this will send good thoughts to him (his name is David) and prayers if you wish and are of that ilk.

I cried all the way to dance rehearsal tonight and bucked up before I went in, as I wanted to enjoy my time there.   As always, my dance family was so kind.  We really ARE a family and I think this is very special about us; I never feel like I am paying my teacher to be my friend, as I have felt with some other instructors.

My computer is so balky writing this (could it be the solar storm??) that I am about to throw it out the window, so it is time to stop for now.