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Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Leonard Nimoy and the Girl from Vulcan

I have to admit that I was deeply saddened by Leonard Nimoy's death, though grateful he had a long, amazing life.  Star Trek was such a wonderful show for me, and truly made an enormous impact on my childhood imagination, for tremendous good.  A short story here:  I have slightly pointed ears (it's very noticeable) and when Star Trek was on prime time, I came to believe quite happily that I was a Vulcan, stranded on this planet, and that one day the Vulcans would come back for me (I was a little child at this time).  I would return to Vulcan, get to wear amazing clothes, jewelry, and hairstyles, and best of all, I would marry Mr. Spock!  That fantasy was about the same as a kid wanting to marry Prince Charming, but who needs Prince Charming when you can marry the coolest, smartest guy in the entire universe, who can also play the Vulcan harp!  This fantasy sustained me for many years in a difficult childhood: when things were scariest, I reminded myself that it was all temporary and that one day the Vulcans would return and take me back to my real home.

What an amazing career Leonard Nimoy had, and how inspirational he was as a human being.  I hope he is enjoying a wonderful life among the stars.