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Saturday, March 07, 2015

Ratcheting Up

I saw my psychiatrist in Palo Alto yesterday, and had concerns about not sleeping for two days, and having eye twitches, both signs that bipolar 2 disorder is rearing up.  She said she was not surprised, as my brain has been walloped with massive stress regarding the addict in my life: when it is someone very close to you, it is terribly hard to detach and I spent endless nights worrying and driving around trying to find them.  This, plus just the "simple" stress of parenting, trying to find time to work on my book, continued grief (which never really seems to go away, though it is down to a dull roar and I am learning to live with it, like a birthmark), etc.  Dr. R. increased my Lamictal 50 percent, up to 300 mg., which she says is around the full dose.  I already feel better and the eye twitches have stopped.  I am able to think more clearly, and am back to working on the book. It takes a lot of fortitude to plow forward with this, but I am working.