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Monday, April 20, 2015

Another Photo

I have some photos on Facebook of my bellydance journey (I have been dancing since 2002 and have a lot of photos).  I really feel like a narcissist posting all of them because I think a bazillion selfies indicate that, but I usually don't put selfies on Facebook.

Here is one that I think sums up my bellydance journey.  I look at these photos and often think I should dye my hair again, but I worked too hard to get it silver, and it started to look so all those chemicals on my look more like myself now with my long gray hair.  I am sure if I posed in the same clothes again, I would still look okay.

These were some of the happiest days of my life.  I was in love, and I felt loved, and even though I was fighting serious health problems, and had not yet been diagnosed as bipolar (Lamictal brought me back to myself), I still knew great happiness then, and happiness is a good thing to have had.

It was one of the few days in my life where I felt what it meant to be beautiful, inside and out.