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Friday, April 10, 2015

Been There

Been there, on a lesser but still heartbreaking level, though it wasn't my husband and it wasn't cancer, but asthma and huge doses of prednisone to save my life (with horrific side effects such as endless chattering, but for God's sake, try to figure out ways to assuage that together). Forgive it? Yeah, in time. Forget it? Not yet. People, leave someone like this or get into couple's counseling. These are people with major things to work out regarding mortality, and they flip out the most when they finally have to deal with their own body's mortality. I get on my soapbox often about it because it hurts people when they are at their most vulnerable and need their partner to be there.

To be fair, the other party did try somewhat, at times and my fall from grace took some time.