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Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Booze, I'm not boozing it up...I have a mild cold and am made some hot ginger-lemon-honey tea (boiling water, grated ginger, honey, lemon juice, let steep for five minutes). I put in a splash of booze, too (brandy I have around for making tinctures and occasional moments like this). I actually feel better.

Thistle and I stop once a week in a grocery store in Scotts Valley for the inexpensive cookies, but I have stopped going there for morning coffee (they have a Peets in-store). The guy at the counter (a very nice man) resembles Michael McClish and it creeps me out...McClish used to work in the bakery at the Ben Lomond Super and hand my kids their cookies.  I think the market has kept a disquieting vibe in the atmosphere to this very day.
When my cold is better, I am going to spend time shopping in town as I need to pick the trail up again in my writing.