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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Dear Fellow Vegans

I am a vegan, mostly, and have a message for fellow vegans in my circle of friends,and a few on the periphery:

While you are ranting about how compassionate you are and how socially aware you are, and how much you love Mother Earth because you don't eat meat, and yet cuss out and ridicule people who do, calling them all sorts of rude names and shoving your lifestyle down their throats, you look like hypocrites...and in fact, you are, showing exactly zero compassion for the people around you.

 Please do not wonder, then, why people do not wish to adopt veganism.  No one wants to be bullied into doing anything, so get off people's backs. Maybe if you truly attempt to become a kind and compassionate person, perhaps people might respect your example and be intrigued. By the way, I obviously have a long ways to go in the compassion department, but I try. And I have had a few people say and do some pretty mean things when they find out I don't generally eat meat, but that is their blood pressure going up, not mine.

 Thank you for listening. Now you can go back to excoriating your family and friends, who secretly think you are an ass--a label you have earned, by the way. You don't have to be an oppressive ass to educate and encourage people.