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Sunday, April 12, 2015

some photos from my little house in Lompico

For those of you who don't know, Lompico is a tiny  mountain community in Santa Cruz County. I have a small house there which I am actively working to get into better shape.

Here is the "Buddha Room," my little bedroom where I also write.  Buddha was given to me by a person I love very much, and Buddha is good company for my writing time. Some of the books in the shelves are disordered because I am sorting out ones to donate. The purple painting is one my eldest son made long ago, of a wave, I think; the other painting is one that I found in my house one day, long ago, as I was decluttering. The little bird statue was given to me byThistle's mommy, my younger daughter.  You can also see part of my altar on the side table, with a turkey feather from one of the wild turkeys up the road, and a little bit of my bed, too. It is a safe spot for me. And yes, in front of the Georgia O'Keefe morning glory painting (actually a book) on the shelf are my ruby slippers. I was Dorothy once for Halloween and covered some red high heels with sequins.

 The other picture is of the guardian of my front door, my angel named Jack.  I don't know why I call him that. He has guarded the door to my  house for over twenty years.

Things are still shabby there, and will be for some time (the walls and curtain, and some of the desk, look filthy but I assure you they are not..the picture has some grayness in spots because my Kindle does not always take great pics and the lighting was not good) but it is a nice and tranquil place, much cozier than the picture indicates, and my true home.  I do not have a lot of money to decorate it, but I like the simplicity.