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Thursday, May 21, 2015


Someone asked a question of me about a song they saw on Facebook, and the woman who sang it, Sandy Denny of Fairport Convention. Oh,my gosh, do I know Fairport Convention: I hung out with all the cool musicians in college, and they all loved FC.  I looked up a few songs and then found this one: "Fotheringay," about Mary, Queen of Scots (Fotheringay was the castle where she was imprisoned).

And of course, when I heard this tonight after twenty years, on one of those hard nights when I just want to give up the book in the wake of so much frustration, a song comes on that makes me think of Asha and her child...this song will forever push me forward now. I am glad to be reminded of it tonight.

Tomorrow I will talk about my sojourn to see Asha's final home and then McClish's angered me: how did he wind up with such a huge frickin house?  The house where Asha lived is really lovely, as if someone uprooted a little Victorian house from Santa Cruz and planted it in the woods. Her home seemed so pretty and light; his house was just plain barren.

I will talk about that more tomorrow: for now, a song: