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Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Magic Happened.

My little house in Lompico is very liveable now inside, though I need to start getting a coat of Kilz (a sealant which permanently destroys odors on surfaces such as wood) in all my kitchen cabinets and drawers, and probably the floor of the closet in the larger bedroom (it is a two-bedroom house).  They have that "old cabin" sort of musty smell and I want to get rid of it.  There are ceiling repairs that still need to be done and all the outside work, but I can spend time in the house and enjoy it.

I have not written much while at the house, though my desk has been ready for quite some time, and I have good lighting.  There is no Internet distraction there, taking me back to the first time I had the house.

For some time, I have been balking on my Asha Veil book.  I made a determination last night to do write in the quiet of my Lompico home, which I also have been avoiding..  I have to admit that when I am not writing, I believe very little in myself as a writer.  It is almost like magic happens when I put pen to paper (though I have not been able to handwrite for a year and a half, I am forcing myself to do so).

Last night, the magic happened.  It truly did.  I wrote a page.  I hope to write other pages tonight.

It is hard to tackle a difficult book such as this. It has taken everything out of me, but just as much is returned.

It has taken for me a magic environment, in a magical little house, for the magic to happen.  It is hard and harrowing magic...but magic, all the same.