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Thursday, July 30, 2015

A Sadness in the World/Madyson Middleton

I have flashes of memory about Maddy Middleton, who played with my granddaughter occasionally when we went, of the young man who killed her...though I knew neither of the two very well, I remember Maddy playing with Thistle and others at the Tannery playground and courtyard from time to time after Thistle's dance class or forays to the Tannery cafe. She was just a sweet, outgoing child. I saw her last Thursday with other kids in the courtyard. I talked to the young man also from time to time. He was an amazing yoyo player, and Thistle loved seeing the yoyo tricks. He seemed just a regular-looking teenager, though I thought he was much older than fifteen.

His arraignment is tomorrow; I am not going because, if it is in Superior Court, it will be crowded with angry and grieving people, and tons of media. I will start updating things again tomorrow. Please bear with me; this is an exhausting time for Santa Cruz citizens.